We're an assemblage of solid waste professionals that have joined forces for a reason — we each are driven to serve our clients with our God-given talents to the best of our ability.


We chose "Promus" for a reason. To remind us of our "promise" to you and of our duty and responsibility to be good stewards — of your facility, of our talents, of our staff, and even our vendors.




Jeffrey J. Breedlove, PE

Principal Engineer

At one time in his life, it wasn't uncommon for Jeff to get up at  2 a.m. to head to the duck woods to "git a good spot." These days, between the occasional duck hunt and frequent kids sporting events, Jeff tries to "ramrod" the group and serves as Head Coach. Learn more about Jeff's background and experiences in the links below.

Chanc W.     Moore, PE

Principal Engineer

"Fish on!" Chanc "mis" spent a summer of his youth in Montana for the sole purpose of trout fishing. Since then, he has navigated a more purposed track and is known in the industry as the "operations friendly" engineer. Learn more about Chanc's purposed track in the links below.

C. Rob 
Witcher, PE

Principal Engineer

Around here, we call this guy "Super Engineer." He has an amazing super power skill with AutoCAD Civil 3D. He can just wave his hands around and magical things happen. It's quite extraordinary. He's a graduate of VMI and we're looking for other VMI super engineers — maybe they have a class. Seriously, this guy "takes care o' binness." More about his powers via links.

Christopher C. Reynolds, PG

Principal Geologist

Chris is a die-hard Tennessee football fan. Unfortunately, the last few years haven't been too kind — but he's still committed. Chris has managed CQA on dozens of waste construction facilities in the last 15 years and he uses his excellent project management skills to oversee our construction quality services group. See more about Chris' experience in the links below. 

We are supported by a talented, experienced, and committed (we picked 'em for those reasons) staff of technical and support people.  They will be your overseers, your eyes and ears, your "right hand man", and your investment guardian. We couldn't do it without 'em and we think you'll agree — they rock! 


Join Us

We're growing and we're always looking for great people to join us.  If you have extensive experience in the waste industry, or if you have a burning desire to gain that experience, and you have a passion for service, come set the industry on fire with us.  Oh, and by the way, we're all about living life and enjoying life's experiences and our families. All work and no play ...

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