We're an assemblage of waste industry professionals that have joined forces for a reason — we each are driven to serve our clients with our God-given talents to the best of our ability.









Successful waste facility permitting takes a gallon of experience, a twist of finesse, a dash of charisma, and perhaps most importantly a large dose of relationships. 


If you desire to permit a waste management facility, you need confident, experienced engineers with good relationships with regulators. You want consultants that have "been there, done that." You need consultants who live, eat, and sleep waste management consulting. OK, maybe not the eat part.

We have worked on municipal solid waste, industrial waste, ash/CCR, hazardous waste, rad waste, C&D, transfer, MRF, impoundments, and most any type of waste management facility out there. We have permitted waste management facilities in 7 southeastern states and we pride ourselves on our relationship with regulators and our ability to "git r' done."

  • Municipal solid waste landfills

  • Industrial landfills

  • C&D/Rubbish landfills

  • Hazardous waste landfills

  • Low level radioactive waste landfills

  • Waste impoundments

  • Waste lagoons

  • Transfer stations

  • Materials recovery facilities

  • Recycling facilities

  • Leachate treatment facilities

 ... and more.


Not all designs are created equal. We use our wealth of experience with construction and operation of waste facilities to create a design that is efficient, constructible, operable, and maximizes your investment return.


The waste management industry has changed a lot in the last 25 years. We've been right here in the trenches -- trying, crying, digging and scratching and we've learned a lot in those 25 years. We've learned what works; and we've learned some things that don't work. Let us put our mistakes and triumphs, and our vast situational knowledge to work for you, for your success.



When it comes to waste facility construction, we've been there, done that, and we have the gray hair to prove it.


Our principals have overseen construction of hundreds of waste containment facilities, impoundments, and ancillary waste management facilities. From quality control and quality assurance, to construction management, we have some of the most experienced staff in the industry. And better yet, we've trained our staff that their job #1 is to be a help, not hinderance, to getting your facility constructed — in accordance with plan, with quality, on schedule, and on budget.


  • Construction plans

  • Bid and contract documents

  • QC and/or QA plans

  • Construction management

  • Construction documentation and/or certification

  • New cell construction

  • Final/interim closures

  • Stormwater management facilities

  • Leachate management facilities

  • Scalehouse/transportation facilities


We are keenly aware that after we design and permit it, you have to operate it, and "operations is hard." This is where the rubber hits the road and a good road map is priceless - just ask Chevy Chase.


This is where we shine when many other engineers that "do landfills" do not. We know that after we design it, you have to operate it — in compliance, for a profit. Our designs take operational concerns to heart and we're here to help you understand your permit, your design, and successfully operate your facility. Our commitment to you is that we'll be here when you need us — to help you understand permit conditions, grading, help with fill plans, financial assurance, personnel training, environmental compliance, audit assistance, and whatever other assistance you might need.

  • Fill sequencing plans

  • Stacking plans

  • 3D visualization

  • 3, 5, 15- year plans

  • Financial assurance

  • Environmental compliance

  • Audit assistance

  • SWPPP/SPCC plans and training

  • Asbestos compliance

  • Stormwater management

  • Leachate management

  • GCCS management


Experience trumps cost.


Even a well operated facility will have environmental monitoring snags. Anyone can handle environmental monitoring when there are no issues; it's knowing how to deal with the issues and navigate permit conditions and the regulatory mazes that separates the "wheat from the chaff." Don't settle for chaff, you need sustenance.

  • Groundwater monitoring

  • Explosive gases monitoring

  • Leachate monitoring

  • Stormwater monitoring

  • NSPS compliance

  • Environmental monitoring plans

  • Well installation

  • GCCS oversight

  • Liquids balance and audit