What's in a name?

Well, we think in our case quite a lot. In choosing a company name, we chose not to go with a meaningless name or a long assemblage of last names or initials, but with a name that has meaning, and heart — a name that defines our being, our culture, and our commitment. Promus is the Latin root of steward. As individuals, throughout our careers we each have challenged ourselves to be good stewards of our talents, good stewards of our clients' resources, and good stewards of the companies for which we have worked. We now come together as like-minded principals committed to apply the principle of good stewardship for our clients, our team, and our business. But our name goes beyond the principle of stewardship, it also reminds us of the promises we make and to which we are committed. Whether it be a project deadline, a quality commitment, or value-added commitment, we are reminded and committed to our promise to you. We're so committed to good stewardship and our promises, we made it our name.