We are keenly aware that after we design and permit it, you have to operate it, and "operations is hard." This is where the rubber hits the road and a good road map is priceless - just ask Chevy Chase.


This is where we shine when many other engineers that "do landfills" do not. We know that after we design it, you have to operate it — in compliance, for a profit. Our designs take operational concerns to heart and we're here to help you understand your permit, your design, and successfully operate your facility. Our commitment to you is that we'll be here when you need us — to help you understand permit conditions, grading, help with fill plans, financial assurance, personnel training, environmental compliance, audit assistance, and whatever other assistance you might need.

  • Fill sequencing plans

  • Stacking plans

  • 3D visualization

  • 3, 5, 15- year plans

  • Financial assurance

  • Environmental compliance

  • Audit assistance

  • SWPPP/SPCC plans and training

  • Asbestos compliance

  • Stormwater management

  • Leachate management

  • GCCS management