Successful waste facility permitting takes a gallon of experience, a twist of finesse, a dash of charisma, and perhaps most importantly a large dose of relationships. 


If you desire to permit a waste management facility, you need confident, experienced engineers with good relationships with regulators. You want consultants that have "been there, done that." You need consultants who live, eat, and sleep waste management consulting. OK, maybe not the eat part.

We have worked on municipal solid waste, industrial waste, ash/CCR, hazardous waste, rad waste, C&D, transfer, MRF, impoundments, and most any type of waste management facility out there. We have permitted waste management facilities in 7 southeastern states and we pride ourselves on our relationship with regulators and our ability to "git r' done."

  • Municipal solid waste landfills

  • Industrial landfills

  • C&D/Rubbish landfills

  • Hazardous waste landfills

  • Low level radioactive waste landfills

  • Waste impoundments

  • Waste lagoons

  • Transfer stations

  • Materials recovery facilities

  • Recycling facilities

  • Leachate treatment facilities

 ... and more.